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Surrey Federation of Women's Institutes


For the attention of all members.  Due to the present covid-19 situation Surrey has been unable for the last several months to produce hard copies of the monthly news.   The Surrey WI News is available to read online.  To enlarge print, click on the icons at the bottom of the page.


Please scroll down the page for the latest edition.

Another action packed edition, as WIs now well into the return to live events.  Please click on the link to November's edition:

October's edition is now up.   The editor of the newsletter is looking for Christmassy photos so any photographers out there get busy.   There is a short article by a former £10 POM about her time down under, plus other varied articles.

As we return to live meetings next month September's edition has been uploaded early.  A few interesting items but mainly reports of various WIs and sub group activities slowly restarting.  To read further, please click on the link:

August's edition now available.  As we move into reopening live meetings and events a number are listed on Pg 19.  

Please click on the link to access:

July's very full edition, now available.  Please click on the link to access:

June's edition.  Another newsy Surrey News looking forward to us opening up and activities getting off the ground.  Click on the link to June:

Here is the link to May's edition.  it looks as though June's edition may be going to the printers and therefore, available in hard copy.

April's edition is now available.  Included amongst a number of interesting features is a resume of the National Council Meeting held virtually last month.  Please click on the following link:


March's edition is now availabe to read.   Quite a number of interesting articles, amazingly so in view of the length of time we have been in lockdown.

February 2021s newsy edition can be read by clicking on the link:


One article which may be of interest to some is an online course to brush up on your driving skills.  It may appeal to those who have been unable to get behind the wheel over the last year.  

July's edition is now available to read.  A number of interesting articles.  Click on the link:…/surrey-wi-news-j…/full-view.html


Follow the link to August's edition.  A couple of more recent and in the news articles.

September's edition is now up.  Denman's takes up a fair bit of space.  Other groups say Zoom has been a life line for them with further interesting articles.  Click on the link:

October's edition is now available.  Another page on Denman and an article on zoom amongst other interesting topics.  Click on the link:

In this November's edition a variety of interesting articles, including sadly, taking the curtains down at Denman.  Click on the link:

December's issue hot from the press.  Click on the link below:  January 2021s edition goes to print on the 16th December, in case anyone has articles or photos to add.…/surrey-wi-news-d…/full-view.html

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