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Let's Stay Connected

Welcome to 2021.  Through this long period of lockdown we hope you will still indeed feel connected to each other and that you will share some of the thoughts/ideas that other members have sent in and possibly want to send in something yourself that you are finding helpful/inspiring /funny at this difficult time.


To  take part  you should send to this address: and Sue the Webmaster will be waiting to receive your contributions.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Any photos, please send as a jpg. 

Lesley Winter Scenes (1)
Lesley Winter Scenes (2)
Lesley Winter Scenes (3)
Lesley Winter Scenes (4)
Lesley Winter Scenes (5)
Lesley Winter Scenes (6)

Lesley provided these rather beautiful winter scenes.  How sharp are the photos!  Click on the scene to enlarge


Trish has been busy knitting dinosaurs for her grandchildren.  

Decoupage beginner's kit- Carole Day.jpg

Carole was given a Decoupage beginner's kit for Christmas - something she had never previously tried.


In Carole's words "After practising on the kit's pieces, I decided to decorate a terracotta flower pot and attach a copy of the stages I went through.


First I painted the pot.  I cut out my chosen Hydrangeas from serviettes I bought and then glued them to the pot.


Finally, I coated in a clear varnish.


( Unfortunately the tin did not work - too many ridges !)


I wonder if any other members have tried this art form"?

Carole D

Decoupage beginner's kit (1).jpg
Decoupage beginner's kit (2).jpg
Lesley's Culinery Abilities (1).jpg

Lesley has been discovering new menus during lockdown.  Here is an example of some of the easy dishes she has successfully tried out.

Lesley's Culinery Abilities (2).jpg
Lesley's Culinery Abilities (3).jpg
Lesley's Culinery Abilities (4).jpg
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