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Let's Stay Connected

Welcome to our fifth page, covering the Autumn months.  Through it we hope you will indeed feel connected to each other and that you will share some of the thoughts/ideas that other members have sent in and possibly want to send in something yourself that you are finding helpful/inspiring /funny at this difficult time.


To  take part  you should send to this address: and Sue the Webmaster will be waiting to receive your contributions.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Any photos, please send as a jpg. 

Ashtead WI - Autumn Photos courtesy of A

Ann has provided two colourful autumn photos taken in her back garden. This year Autumn has provided a wide range of beautiful colours. 

Ashtead WI - Autumn photos courtesy of A

Carole has kindly provided a photo of her memory Blanket.  She has provided simple instructions on making it.


Memory quilts were first designed to preserve treasured memories and later to help dementia sufferers remember events and people in their lives. The idea being to spark conversation. I have previously made memory quilts for both my daughters 30th birthdays incorporating photos, favourite curtains, bedding and clothing.  My lockdown project was to make a lap size quilt for myself of my family, friends and cats together with some favourite fabrics left from previous quilts.


It is remarkably simple to print your own photographs onto fabric by using an ordinary home inkjet computer and specially prepared cotton sheets purchased on line( I use Art Van Go).


Just select the photo and print as you would any document putting one sheet in the paper tray at a time.  Then cut to required size and incorporate in your design.

Ashtead WI - Autumn Walk - Lillian.jpg
Ashtead WI - Autumn photo - Lillian.jpg

An Autumn walk locally in keeping with covid rules.  I leave it to viewers to decide where the walk took place!  The photos were taken by Lillian.

Ashtead WI - Mosaics by Carole.jpg
Ashtead WI - Mosaics (1) by Carole.jpg

Back in March I arranged a mosaic workshop with Denise Jaques of Mosaic Happy for Emlyn Downs Group and was going to attend one of her classes.  Covid came along and she switched to sending out kits of everything needed with fantastic video instructions.


I chose 'Baubles' and have spent two weeks making these. Each of the 3 baubles is 'tiled' on both sides.  I enjoyed it so much I have now ordered her 'Stars' kit.


Carole (Day)

PS for anyone intereted just type in Mosaic Happy and her website is easy to find.

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