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Past Events


Langley Vale Centenary Wood - 7th September

Ashtead WI - Woodland Trust Plaque.jpg
Ashtead WI- Soldier statue.jpg
Ashtead WI- Woodland Trust carved seat.j

The 7th September saw some members of the walking group visit Langley Vale Centenary Wood.

Walking Netball - Valentine's Day 

Walking Netball.jpg







Walking Netball Taster session.jpg
Walking Netball.jpg

We are off and running, well not so much running but walking actually!    

A duo session with Bookham Butterflies got Ashtead WI’s first walking netball session underway on 14th February. Clare Cody, President of Bookham Butterflies, secured our coach Elaine and booked us a court at Leatherhead Leisure Centre.  It was a little nerve racking waiting to see who would join in for this “trial session”, however, it was a delight to see 31 WI members arrive eager to give walking netball a go.  There were 14 members from Ashtead WI and 17 from Bookham Butterflies - a fantastic turnout.Coach Elaine talked us through a few basics and after a fun warm up session we all had a chance to pop on a bib and get started.   Some of us have not played netball for very many years, some have never played and there were one or two who have played more recently and had to be reminded that it’s walking not running!   


 Whatever the experience level it was good to be learning or re-visiting this team skill and of course to meet some of the Bookham Butterflies members. For now, we are planning to meet at 2:30pm on a Friday at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre.  If you would like to come along and give it a go, just send an email to Denise at, or call her on 07710 663018.

Week 2 - Walking Netball

Walking Netball 2nd week(1).JPG

Week 2 saw another good turnout.  Our coach led us through our warm up exercises and we practiced using the ball from different positions.  There were enough of us to run 3 games.  Onward to the next session.

Weeks 3/4/5

We continued with our structured approach to learning moves, positions and various strategies, followed in the second half of our session playing several games.

Denman Experience 7/8 March

Ashtead WI - Denman Experience .jpg
Ashtead WI - Denman Experience (1) .jpg
Ashtead WI - Denman Experience (2) .jpg

Five of our members went to Denman College on the 7/8th of March to do Glass Fusing and Jewellery Beading.  They had a wonderful time and really enjoyed learning something new and meeting and chatting to ladies from other WIs.  Thoroughly recommend it.

Emlyn Downs - Annual Meeting  11th March 

Emlyn Downs (3) 11th March.jpg
Emlyn Downs (2) 11th March.jpg
Emlyn Downs (5) 11th March.jpg

The meeting was very well attended and there was an excellent turnout from Ashtead. The mosaic workshop was great fun, lunch was very good and to round off a lovely afternoon, one of our members won a Denman Bursary.  Many thanks to all involved in the organisation.

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